Thursday, June 9, 2011

Top 5 FaveThings That...

I could not do before I did 90 Days of Turbo Fire

1.) Wrap a regular sized towel around my entire body!

2.) Wear a pair of PJ pants that my mom had bought for me 7 years ago when I was 20

3.) When I put my legs together there is a gap (a small one but it's still a gap!)

4.) Shop in the regular sized section of department stores

5.) Feel confident that I look as nice as I feel


  1. How much have you had to change your eating habits? I know you exercise daily but have you had to change alot of what and how you eat too?

  2. Well I totally had to stop eating entire containers of Edy's Ice Cream (the quart sizes lol) So yeah I'd say they've changed, I can actually stop eating candy before hitting a serving size, 6 years ago I would have eaten a whole bag of candy without thinking about it. Don't do that anymore. I don't do dairy any more due to an allergy and I eat a lot of fruits and veggies now and an appropriate portion of meat 2 times a day, and have small snacks like teddy grahams or a fruit smoothie or spicy tomato juice in between meals. So yeah, had to change from eating dairy every day and fast food 1-3 times a day (in college) to eating at home more or making better choices while I am out. If I have to eat out I'll eat at Panda Express and get Veggie spring rolls and Kung Pao chicken, or Noodles and Company from their Asian menu, usually things with LOTS of veggies and I don't order the fried things or things off the American menu (which is mostly cheese related) at Noodles.