Thursday, December 1, 2011

Proof is in the Pics!

Becoming a Beach Body coach + doing bb workout programs has changed my whole life! I've lost 40+ pounds, sooo many inches, lost 4.5 pant sizes and I'm still going! It's improved my quality of life, I'm no longer constantly out of breath and I no longer have joint pain, I can outrun (some of ;) ) my teenage friends! lol And I finally like the person I see in the mirror. Every day I am blessed by e-mails from people who are inspired by my weight loss story and I get to hear theirs! <-- so fun! (Added bonus I get paid to workout/share my story with others!) If you're looking to get fit, or already are fit, and are wanting to add additional income into your home, drop me a line at kat_brunnegraff(@)yahoo(dot)com and I'll get you some more info! ~I'm only looking to add 2 coaches right now~, I promise it'll change your life too ♥ :) (The proof is in the pics)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Week 2 Round 3

I'm at the end of week two now, on a rest day, and finally getting back into the swing of things. I swear you hit that two week point and while no, the workouts aren't easier, it sure is easier to motivate yourself to go get them done! It's less of a chore and more of a pleasure!

Plus!!! I recently found out the Vegan shakeology is coming out in January? 2012!!! Yes pleeeease! I have been waiting for this for a whole year, my dairy allergies have kept me from being able to drink the regular DELICIOUS chocolate shakeology (I tried it for 3 days, lost 5 pounds, it was awwwesome, but it hates me so I can't drink it anymore) I am so excited to get some Tropical vegan shakeology and finally be able to play catch up with all my friends who have been drinking shakeology and working out the whole time.

Anyways, here are my progress pictures so far, my legs have lost that half inch they gained while I was injured! So happy about that! Be sure to check out my post about the Holiday Weight Loss Fitness Challenge that I'm hosting!

Deciding to ~Gain~ Weight for Christmas

For the last 2 years for the holidays I've deliberately chosen to NOT gain weight, and have succeeded in it. Did you know that if you do not decide to lose weight during the holidays you ~will~ actually gain it? So if you do nothing, you are in effect deciding to gain weight for Christmas!!!! Hey, please pass the fudge. ;)

Think about what it would be like to hit New Year's Eve and realize, "I AM ALREADY LIVING LIKE I WANT TO," and your only resolution to be "keep it up?"

Not possible? Hmmmm. I think you can do it!

So, that's where this challenge is going to come in!! :)

I am offering to coach FIVE people over the holidays and into the New Year! We will develop a community of encouragement and accountability all striving to improve our health TOGETHER. This is a beta test group so there are going to be some requirements so we can get good results.

What are the requirements?

*You must be committed for 90 days. That stretch will look like mid-late November through mid-February.

*You need to drink Shakeology daily. And we are hoping for that awesome new TROPICAL vegan flavor to come out in the first quarter of 2012!!! (I am SO excited for this!!!)

*You must commit to a Beachbody program. Nearly all programs are 6 days a week of exercise. Some are 5. The daily time commitment is usually 45 - 60 minutes.

*You must be on Facebook. The reason for this requirement is that I want to have all of us in a private group together where we can build relationships, encourage and stay accountable.

*I will recommend that people log their nutrition into an online fitness app like MyFitnessPal. We can all "friend" each other there and stay accountable that way too!

Now for some good news!

On November 1, 2011 Beachbody will release the "Challenge Packs" which include:
* a home direct order of Shakeology, (home direct is a re-occurring convenience plan that bills you automatically for shakeology every month for people with busy schedules)
*a fitness program of your choice,
* 1 free month of the Beachbody Club (The Club includes an awesome meal planner and other great weight loss/fitness related tools).

There are three packs to choose from! The prices are in the neighborhood of $160 for the beginning programs up to $205 for the more advanced programs. Each pack will come with free shipping and will also save on the whole cost from $25-$45 (than if you ordered Shakeology and the fitness program separately). :)

If this sounds like something you are ready to COMMIT to...then add a comment to this post and let me know. I will not publish your comments. Supply me with an email and if we aren't already Facebook friends, then request me or give me your page in the comment and I'll look you up.

I'm excited to see who is up for this challenge and I'm ready to kick it up a notch and get rid of this last 60 pounds!

Holiday weight gain? Not me!! Not YOU! ;)

P.S. Thanks @Coach Amy Shaw for letting me use your words <3

Sunday, October 30, 2011

A rough 2 months

So I sprained my ankle, injured my back and got sick three times in the last 2 months, it's been a rough haul. I am *knock on wood* finally starting to get back with it, I am on day 5 of being back to working out again, and will be posting new before/during pictures again very soon! Thanks for sticking with me while I have been down and out!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

40 pounds gone from Turbo Fire alone!

I started Turbo Fire in November of 2010, from my starting weight of 255 (I had lost 7 pounds from my heaviest weight of 262 already) I have lost 40 pounds in a year! (It would have been more, but I tore my knee up twice and sprained my ankle... shit happens, but you just keep on pushing!) I consider these before and during pictures, as my goal weight is 150 pounds (a healthy weight for my 5'6" frame)

Monday, September 26, 2011


My ankle is still sore everyday, however it is improving slowly over time. I had not been working out for 1.5 months and allowed myself to get out of shape, I did not gain any weight, in fact I lost 5 pounds, however I felt very lethargic from not working out everyday like I had been.

My friend Emma inspired me this week, she started doing Turbo Fire a few months after I did, and had only been able to do the Sculpting/Toning classes and she managed to lose 35 pounds in 3 months! I then realized, that those classes didn't bother my ankle, so I started doing them again this week. I have already lost 1 inch off my waist, hips and thighs from doing the sculpting/toning classes. I'm really excited to be back on track again, and I'm feeling amazing!

Be encouraged that you CAN modify Turbo Fire and still lose weight!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Ankle on the Mend

After a whole month of not being able to workout properly my ankle is finally on the mend, I've been using the elliptical machine instead of doing turbo fire til it's healed up. Here are some pics to tide you over for now :)

Friday, August 12, 2011

Still Here

I'm still around, I injured my ankle by jumping too much while out with friends cause I was excited about going to sing karaoke... yeah I know, smart. Anyways, I'm still on track, I've lost 2 pounds even without working out every day. I'll be back to it as soon as this ankle heals up!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Turbo Fire Before and After Pictures! Getting Results!

Turbo Fire Before and After Pictures! Getting Results! Gone from a size 18/20 jeans to a size 12! I still have a ways to go, but I am feeling amazing about the results that I'm getting from Turbo Fire.

I can't wait to add the Vegan version of Shakeology into my diet (when it finally comes out, P.S. I'm not a vegan) While I know the regular version of Shakeology works, (I did it for 3 days and lost 5 pounds!) I can't drink it because I had a terrible allergic reaction to the whey protein (I'm allergic to dairy) shouldn't have done it, but it tastes so dang good with peanut butter and/or strawberries... I'm so jealous of everyone who can drink Shakeology!

If you are looking to start your weight loss/fitness journey, please feel free to sign up for FREE coaching by clicking the big "FREE Coaching" button at the top of the website! Then e-mail me @ and introduce yourself!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Seeing Results from Turbo Fire Size 12 Dress!

I started Turbo Fire at a size 18/20 pant size, I bought my first size 12 dress today, I haven't worn a size 12 since I was... 13? <3 It's all thanks to Turbo Fire and Chalene Johnson for helping me get the results I knew I could achieve.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Please Pardon the Dust

I must apologize for the sporadic photos, I accidentally deleted them all via Google + ... don't ask it's complicated. I will be putting them back up as fast as I can... :(

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Little Failures Add Up!

We all have dreams that we've always wanted to accomplish, how many of us have let them sit on the shelf in the back of our brains for too long?

We allow ourselves to become distracted by the little mundane day to day things, and the little excuses that we whisper to ourselves every day, "Oh I'm too tired, I will do it tomorrow." "Man I had a hard day at work, I'll just rest here and watch tv and I'll get to it in a minute." etc... etc... etc...

How many times have you done that this week? What dreams are you missing out on because you've done that day in and day out for the last ??? amount of YEARS?

Every day that you miss to accomplish your dreams is a failure, a little failure that adds up every day to you never achieving your dreams.

What steps can you make today to get the ball rolling towards your dreams coming true? Is it looking for a new job? Finishing that drawing you always put off because you're too tired? Practicing your guitar more? Finally getting up off your butt to exercise? Stop holding yourself back, you were made for great things!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Fat Pants!

At my biggest weight I hit a size 24 pants, I wish I had kept them, but these size 22's will demonstrate my progress just as well... I'm a size 14 now, and those are getting pretty loose.

Here is a picture of me wearing said size 24 pants vs. me now size 14

Friday, July 1, 2011

Week 3 Clean Eating

Sorry I didn't post these sooner, I had injured myself a few days ago, and had to wait for the swelling to go down. This is my 3rd week eating a clean diet. I have had a handful of teddy grahams every few days to keep myself sane... so I guess that's "cheating" but I'm happy with the results so far.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Week 2 Clean eating

So this week I added 3 days where I had shakeology, I had been stuck up at 230 again since going on vacation (southern food is NOT clean eating!!!) and since having done the 3 days of meal replacing with Shakeology I'm back down to 225. 5 pounds in 3 days is pretty freakin' awesome, but sadly I did have a reaction to the dairy in the shakeology yesterday (I'm allergic to dairy for those of you who are new), got swollen soooo back to smoothies for me :( BUT I can now testify that Shakeology does in fact work. So that's awesome! First hand experience is best in my opinion. ;)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Week 1 of Clean eating

My results after 1 week of eating a clean diet while doing Turbo Fire. I did NOT eat a "clean" diet the first 90 days of Turbo Fire, I wasn't mentally prepared for it, but I am now. Let's see how much I can change in 90 days of working out and eating right!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Responding to Emotional Eating

So I'm sitting here responding to emotional eating questions, and here is my advice to anyone who struggles with emotional eating.

"I really had to overcome some emotional eating myself. My beach body coach Amy told me that before I could ever lose weight and keep it off, I was going to have to pin point what was causing my emotional eating.

For me, I had a lot of anger, resentment, bitterness and sorrow built up over the years from being teased about my weight, and a lot of other not so fun things that have happened to me over the years.

My coach Amy explained to me that me holding onto that hurt was like ~me~ swallowing poison and expecting all the other people that had ever hurt me to die. It just doesn't work that way, so I had to let go, and forgive those people, and let me tell you, it really did help a lot! I've never had my eating so under control as I do now that I finally was able to let go of the pain.

The reason I tell you this is because I want you to know what helped me, weight loss isn't just about getting rid of fat, it's about healing our hearts, so we can stop hurting ourselves with food! Food should be a joy because we're building ourselves up with the right kinds of foods, not a brief joy from a sugar fix, and then guilt and shame because of weight gain later.

I still eat sweet foods, and junk foods sometimes... I just don't stuff myself full til bursting on those foods like I did when I would emotionally eat... Don't deprive yourself of things your body is craving, if you do you'll end up binge eating it later and erasing your progress, instead eat some of it.

If I have a craving for chocolate, I have it. I don't gorge on it and eat a whole bag of candy like I used to, I go out, buy something small like... A york peppermint patty, that I can easily portion control and eat it. When it's gone it's gone. Simple as that.

This is a learning process and a journey, don't expect to magically overnight to be able to resist eating all of your favorite foods and to magically be able to do everything you see the people doing in turbo fire, you're going to mess up sometimes, but the key to weight loss success is to forgive yourself for your mistakes with food/workouts and just keep going. As long as you keep "Pushing Play" you'll get there."

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Top 5 FaveThings That...

I could not do before I did 90 Days of Turbo Fire

1.) Wrap a regular sized towel around my entire body!

2.) Wear a pair of PJ pants that my mom had bought for me 7 years ago when I was 20

3.) When I put my legs together there is a gap (a small one but it's still a gap!)

4.) Shop in the regular sized section of department stores

5.) Feel confident that I look as nice as I feel

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Day 104

I'm on week 2 of having re started Turbo Fire, trying something different this time around, I'm only working out every other day and when I do work out I push twice as hard as I ever used to. I'm liking the way it makes me feel, though I may end up going back to every day workouts if the results I want aren't being achieved.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

At my worst

Today my cousin (whom I call my aunt) Barb sent me pictures of myself (as per my request) from the summer that I was my biggest weight, I had not seen most of these before, and it was hard to look at them today, I teared up, I can't believe I ever let myself get that big, and I'm now very determined to NEVER go back there again.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

30 pounds down!

It's official! I've lost 30 pounds with Turbo Fire now, I'm feeling great! Sorry for the lack of updates, been slacking a bit with my workouts, but I'm back on track (again). I am officially in a size 14 dress and I can fit in size 14 pants but it's not pretty (dang thunder thighs lol) Hoping in the next two weeks to be officially a size 14 pants!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

New Dress

Starting to feel like a real girl, I now own dresses! This is one for the beach, my family is going together this summer and I needed something to wear while walking on the beach. (plus it will be a nice one for dates with Matt *teehee*)

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Smaller everyday

Size 14 top that unfortunately? (or fortunately?) is already getting to be toooooo big

Day ??? Technically day 90

Big time lost track of what day I was on, so we're going to say this is day 90.
Found a GREAT online photo cropping/editing site, as suggested by my friend Chelsea,
called so I will be updating with photos again every week! :)

Friday, March 18, 2011


It's been a month of me being out of commission, injuring and re injuring my knee over and over. I finally sucked it up and bought a knee brace, and holy crap does that thing ever help, I'm finally being able to bend my knee fully again.

I am slowly working Turbo Fire back into my life, heavily modified and every day my knee is getting stronger. I'm going to post my shameful progress pics soon to help me get re-motivated to continue my journey, either tomorrow or the next day. Strange how I've lost weight since I hurt my knee and yet my belly and legs have gotten fatter looking. Must have lost a lot of muscle while I was sitting around resting my knee. Fortunately my size 16 pants still fit as do all of my new XL (as opposed to XXL)shirts.

As soon as my knee is 100% I will be jumping back into my official Turbo Fire schedule and finishing up Phase 3. I can't wait I've been so bummed out and grouchy not being able to get my routine in every day.

Today I managed to do a very heavily modified HIIT 20 class followed by stretch 10 class, it felt AMAZING, I've missed Chalene and the music and the sweat, I hate sweating and I missed the sweat!

Check back in either tomorrow or the next day for my new progress pics! Won't be fun for me to share but I need to.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Rest Days and Injury

Rest days are VERY important, don't forget to take your rest day, I worked out on my rest day, thinking it would be fine, I was very wrong.

I injured my knee while doing squats with weights even though I was doing them properly. I have had bad knees since I was 18, and knew my decision wasn't a wise one, but all I was thinking about was faster results, now I've delayed my results via injury. So just remember to relax, and enjoy your rest days, and just remember even if you do injure yourself that you can still do some workouts like arms and core that don't involve your legs so don't get discouraged!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Day 81

I'm at the end of week 3 of phase 2, I did 2 months of Phase 1 before I started Phase 2.
This week I mixed it up, I did not do the scheduled workouts every day, I did Fire 30 and then rested, then I did Fire 30 and Abs 10 and yesterday I did Upper 20/Lower 20 I am doing Stretch 40/Core 20 tonight, I was just terribly bored with the same schedule week after week for 4 weeks (phase 2 has the same set of workouts for 4 weeks) I'm not saying that I wasn't seeing results with the schedule they had laid out, I was, I was just getting sooo bored with it. Starting tomorrow I'll do the scheduled workouts again, I just needed something different, I wasn't feeling sore anymore because I was too used to the workouts, but now I am feeling sore, the advanced classes kick your butt!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Day 74

74 Days into Turbo Fire and still going strong :D I'm just starting week 3 of Phase 2, feeling good. I have completely cut out dairy again, (was eating snack foods with dairy in them) and have upped my fruit/veggie intake, Dropped another pound today. I'm am 235 pounds, Started at 255 so I'm down 20 pounds :D woo hoo, need to measure again soon.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Day 67

I got a new computer, it is a pc and it doesn't have photoshop on it, my mac crashes so much so I can't use the photoshop that I have for it anymore, so I hadn't been able to crop my pictures til I got a trial of photoshop for this new computer.

Soooo, very very late pictures, but they were in fact taken on the appropriate day, proof will be in a few days when I post the new pics and have lost a lot more weight since these.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day 60

Was feeling a bit under the weather this week and had to skip one day of working out + I didn't work out as hard as I usually do on the other days because I was feeling so blah, so I'm not as thrilled with my results for day 60 as I feel I should feel. Hopefully since I'm feeling better now I'll get back on track.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Feeling Full

Emotional Eating

Something my beach body coach, Amy Shaw, helped me realize is that before you can successfully lose weight, you need to figure out the trigger of your emotional eating. For me my emotional eating came out of years and years of bitterness and hurt that had built up in my life, from things like being made fun of for being fat (back when I wasn't fat) and bitterness towards people that had let me down.

In order to stop emotionally eating I had to allow myself to forgive those people that had hurt me. I had to realize that holding onto bitterness and anger was like swallowing poison and expecting the other person to die. The people from your past don't care if your feelings were hurt, they don't think about you, they don't care about you, otherwise they wouldn't have said the thing they said to you. You MUST let it go before you can move on.

Maybe it's not bitterness for you, maybe it's sadness from a loved one hurting you or betraying your trust, you need to forgive them (in your head) and move on. By move on I don't mean get a divorce or never talk to them again, I mean you need to emotionally let it go. This can be very hard if it is a spouse or a parent, but by letting it go it ~frees you~ to stop emotionally eating and allows you to become a stronger happier person, and healthier and successful at losing the weight you want to lose!

Don't let a person hold that power over your head. It is your choice to continue to hold that grudge, and it isn't a healthy one, it will alienate you from everyone in your life til you become a shell of the person you used to be. You can choose to free yourself from that mental hold they have on you and by doing so you will lose weight, you won't over eat so much because you will be aware that you are over eating and you'll know why.

And like G.I. Joe always said...

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I am starting a vlog (video blog) on my youtube channel, check out my first video! :D

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Day 51 or Week 7

My legs have shrunk soo much lately, my waist is also really toning up, wish I could make my stomach do the same lol

I have been adding extra exercises still, arm workouts and ab workouts, I've also been reducing my calorie intake to about 1400-ish, since I messed up for 2 days and ate over 2000 calories both days. It's been working, I'm down another pound for a total of 14 lost! Need to take my measurements today still, will update with that later. :)

Friday, January 21, 2011

1 month later, same dress

I wore this dress to a friends party about a month ago, I had just started Turbo Fire, I was feeling pretty great about the dress then, but having lost a lot of inches and pounds since then I thought I'd try it on again and compare the pictures. My legs are MUCH smaller in the picture on the right, my legs filled up the opening of the skirt in the left picture, my double chin and neck shrank too, also my waist. And my god I have ANKLES! I never thought I'd see the day that they'd show up again. <3

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Day 44 or Week 6

Progress/Accountability pics for Week 6

About Friends and Family Sabotaging Your Weight Loss

One of the hardest things that you have to realize is that your friends and family will try to sabotage your weight loss, they "mean well" but they often don't realize that they are sabotaging you and your weight loss goals. They are comfortable with who you are right now. You changing your lifestyle often causes them to become uncomfortable with themselves and it forces them to think about the fact that they might not be taking the best care of their bodies, it's kind of a rude awakening. So they say little things like... oh well you can start your diet tomorrow, or oh you look fine.

The thing is they really might feel that way about you, they like who you are now, that's great! But you don't feel great about you, tell them that. Just let them know that you would appreciate their support, and if they keep sabotaging you tell them a "story" about a girl you know who is having a hard time with her weight loss because either her husband or friend/family member is giving them crap and sabotaging their goals and ask their advice, often times they will start to realize they are also doing that to you, bring up little things that they are doing to you but always say it is your FRIENDS friend. It works for me. My hubby used to say things to me like... I'll miss your fat, or things like that to make me feel like he didn't want me to lose weight and it would always make me quit, this time I pointed it out to him and he said, I didn't even realize I was making you feel that way.

Sometimes friends won't stop sabotaging you, and that's when the hard truth comes about that they might be someone you have to let go, there doesn't need to be a confrontation, just make a note in your head that this person is not a REAL friend and move on with your life. The great thing about weight loss is you figure out who your REAL friends are, but also kind of sad because you realize that some of the people you really thought were, aren't.

Friday, January 14, 2011

My Guide to Eating Out/Snacks

1) Asian restaurants are your friend

I don't mean the greasy General Tso's chicken that you like so much from your heavily Americanized Chinese food restaurant down the street. When I say Asian foods, I mean high quality, fresh foods, like Phở (pronounced Fuh) the tasty rice noodle/rare beef soup from Vietnam, or Fresh Sushi (sorry not the tempura fried, cream cheese filled kinds either) <-- though every once in a while it's ok, just not for dairy allergy people like me! Shameless Plug for My favorite place to get sushi, Restaurant Hama and my favorite kinds of sushi are, the Alaska Roll, Negi Toro, the Fire Cracker roll, Spicy Salmon, Spicy Tuna (I like spicy) and the soups are great too, the Soba, Udon and Ramen soups are amazing, I find I can eat and eat and eat and never gain weight. (but like I said avoid the fried stuff, some of it can contain just as many calories as a Big Mac! eww)

2) Try the Caveman Diet (if you can afford it)

A GREAT diet where you can eat and eat and eat all day long, til you are stuffed and about to explode and still lose weight. (Yes it is true, you can eat til you're going to explode, I did for a month and lost weight) I tried " The Caveman Diet" for about a month, it worked AMAZINGLY WELL, but I could not afford the large amounts of food that I went through. If you can, I highly recommend this diet plan, however, I did not eat as much meat as they recommend (didn't want to have a heart attack), I ate waaay more fruits and veggies than they said to, and I had one spoonful of honey everyday and I still lost 20 pounds in 2 weeks, I did not exercise at all during this time, this was weight loss only from the diet. Yes I said 2 weeks, it's a very amazing diet just hard to afford.

3) Aladdin's Eatery

I love this place, we eat here on a weekly basis and I always get their rolled pitas, they're affordable, fresh, and healthy. Did I mention they taste good? They are full of fresh veggies and meats, but if you're a vegetarian they have lots of options for you too! I highly recommend the Arayiss Rolled, the Spicy Kafta Rolled, the Falafel Rolled, the Lamb Rolled... basically I recommend all of their rolled pitas, they're low calorie, full of flavor and almost all of them are under 7 dollars (some as cheap as 5 bucks) and they're BIG.

4) Vitatops are amazing

I have only tried two of their flavors so far, the Deep Chocolate and the Cran Bran, but as far as a low cal, tasty, filling snack goes, these are amongst the best I've tried, plus you can order a variety pack to sample all the flavors! (I plan to do this soon)

Well this is pretty much my "diet" as far as eating out/snacking goes, I do occasionally sneak in a piece of dark chocolate or two, or some Chocolate Shakeology (which I shouldn't eat because I'm allergic to dairy and it causes a reaction but it's so tasty sometimes I can't help myself!)

Hope this helps you on your weight loss journeys!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Week 5 or Day 37

Here are my results after 37 days of Turbo Fire! It's actually been a bit longer than 37 days, but I only worked out every other day over the holiday so I'm not counting days that I didn't workout. So back on track and ready to shed some pounds!

I am down a total of 12 pounds, 16.5 inches and I'm really starting to see muscle tone, hard to tell in the pictures because I'm not flexing, I'll take flexing pictures soon.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

What I've Been Learning

So I have been learning new things as I go down this weight loss road, things that I always scoffed at when people recommended that I try these things when I have dieted/exercised in the past. I'll break it down into 3 points and then I'll tell you WHY it matters.

1.) Measurements are important

2.) Take pictures once a week

3.) The scale doesn't really matter

Point 1.

Ok, I never really measured my progress with my measuring tape before, I would always "forget" and then never really get around to it. This time when I got my DVD's in the mail, it said, take your before pics, measurements and weight. I didn't WANT to know how huge I had gotten, measuring myself meant I had to own up to it, but I sucked it up and did it. I plugged in the numbers online so I couldn't lose the paper, and I measure once a week. It's very important, and I'll stress this throughout the post, to measure because if you don't, and the scale doesn't budge you WILL get discouraged and you WILL quit. You will lose all your progress and have to start all over again. No one wants that.

Point 2

Take progress pics once a week, starting with your before and after pics. You don't have to show the whole world like me, just take your front, back and side pics, take new ones every week and compare them to each other, you will notice slight differences at first, and they will become more and more apparent as you keep working hard. This has been the BEST help for ~me~. Seeing the progress with your own eyes will keep you encouraged. When you start out fat, a lot of people have been telling you that "you look fine" so when they start to tell you that you are looking so good by losing weight it is sometimes hard to believe them because you "looked fine" before, but now you "look great"? Don't just take their word for it, take your pictures and you will see what everyone else sees.

Point 3

The Scale really doesn't matter! I have lost only 12 pounds since starting my weight loss and if I had only been looking at the scale to track my progress I would have quit by now. I've lost more just dieting. I lost 30 pound in one month of dieting, but I had no definition to my body. And I ended up quitting that too because, like I said earlier, I ignored the advice to take my measurements and take pictures. I didn't feel like I had made progress, and even though I had I couldn't see it myself so I didn't believe it.

Make Yourself Believe it by proving it to yourself with cold hard facts. Pictures and Measurements will keep you on track when you feel like giving up!

Sunday, January 2, 2011


I so totally forgot to upload my side pictures, these were taken the same day as the others.