Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Little Failures Add Up!

We all have dreams that we've always wanted to accomplish, how many of us have let them sit on the shelf in the back of our brains for too long?

We allow ourselves to become distracted by the little mundane day to day things, and the little excuses that we whisper to ourselves every day, "Oh I'm too tired, I will do it tomorrow." "Man I had a hard day at work, I'll just rest here and watch tv and I'll get to it in a minute." etc... etc... etc...

How many times have you done that this week? What dreams are you missing out on because you've done that day in and day out for the last ??? amount of YEARS?

Every day that you miss to accomplish your dreams is a failure, a little failure that adds up every day to you never achieving your dreams.

What steps can you make today to get the ball rolling towards your dreams coming true? Is it looking for a new job? Finishing that drawing you always put off because you're too tired? Practicing your guitar more? Finally getting up off your butt to exercise? Stop holding yourself back, you were made for great things!

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