Sunday, February 20, 2011

Day 81

I'm at the end of week 3 of phase 2, I did 2 months of Phase 1 before I started Phase 2.
This week I mixed it up, I did not do the scheduled workouts every day, I did Fire 30 and then rested, then I did Fire 30 and Abs 10 and yesterday I did Upper 20/Lower 20 I am doing Stretch 40/Core 20 tonight, I was just terribly bored with the same schedule week after week for 4 weeks (phase 2 has the same set of workouts for 4 weeks) I'm not saying that I wasn't seeing results with the schedule they had laid out, I was, I was just getting sooo bored with it. Starting tomorrow I'll do the scheduled workouts again, I just needed something different, I wasn't feeling sore anymore because I was too used to the workouts, but now I am feeling sore, the advanced classes kick your butt!


  1. Your results are amazing. Can I ask - what has your nutrition been?

  2. i totally get being bored with that schedule. that's why i abandoned it and went and did Insanity. Then came back and am doing a hybrid btn TF and ChaLEAN. I like that way more!

  3. FabBecky: I honestly don't eat as clean as I should, but as far as meals go, I try to avoid dairy due to my allergy and I eat as many veggies w/ my meals as possible. I eat panda express when I NEED to eat out, I get the Kung Pao chicken and the veggie spring roles and skip the rice, I eat pot pies (the banquet kind), sushi, lots of authentic Asian food, and I drink Chocolate rice "milk" from Rice Dream to keep me from going crazy from chocolate withdrawal. (can't have most chocolate unless it's REALLY dark chocolate 75% and up, again due to dairy allergy)

    Sooo basically I cut out all dairy, it's just liquid fat anyways, and try to eat lots of veggies and make choices when I am forced to eat fast food that contain veggies. Noodles and Company is a good place for veggies IF you avoid the american menu, and Chipotle is good too if you get rid of the rice, cheese, tortilla, and sour cream. Hope that helps! :)