Thursday, December 1, 2011

Proof is in the Pics!

Becoming a Beach Body coach + doing bb workout programs has changed my whole life! I've lost 40+ pounds, sooo many inches, lost 4.5 pant sizes and I'm still going! It's improved my quality of life, I'm no longer constantly out of breath and I no longer have joint pain, I can outrun (some of ;) ) my teenage friends! lol And I finally like the person I see in the mirror. Every day I am blessed by e-mails from people who are inspired by my weight loss story and I get to hear theirs! <-- so fun! (Added bonus I get paid to workout/share my story with others!) If you're looking to get fit, or already are fit, and are wanting to add additional income into your home, drop me a line at kat_brunnegraff(@)yahoo(dot)com and I'll get you some more info! ~I'm only looking to add 2 coaches right now~, I promise it'll change your life too ♥ :) (The proof is in the pics)

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