Friday, January 14, 2011

My Guide to Eating Out/Snacks

1) Asian restaurants are your friend

I don't mean the greasy General Tso's chicken that you like so much from your heavily Americanized Chinese food restaurant down the street. When I say Asian foods, I mean high quality, fresh foods, like Phở (pronounced Fuh) the tasty rice noodle/rare beef soup from Vietnam, or Fresh Sushi (sorry not the tempura fried, cream cheese filled kinds either) <-- though every once in a while it's ok, just not for dairy allergy people like me! Shameless Plug for My favorite place to get sushi, Restaurant Hama and my favorite kinds of sushi are, the Alaska Roll, Negi Toro, the Fire Cracker roll, Spicy Salmon, Spicy Tuna (I like spicy) and the soups are great too, the Soba, Udon and Ramen soups are amazing, I find I can eat and eat and eat and never gain weight. (but like I said avoid the fried stuff, some of it can contain just as many calories as a Big Mac! eww)

2) Try the Caveman Diet (if you can afford it)

A GREAT diet where you can eat and eat and eat all day long, til you are stuffed and about to explode and still lose weight. (Yes it is true, you can eat til you're going to explode, I did for a month and lost weight) I tried " The Caveman Diet" for about a month, it worked AMAZINGLY WELL, but I could not afford the large amounts of food that I went through. If you can, I highly recommend this diet plan, however, I did not eat as much meat as they recommend (didn't want to have a heart attack), I ate waaay more fruits and veggies than they said to, and I had one spoonful of honey everyday and I still lost 20 pounds in 2 weeks, I did not exercise at all during this time, this was weight loss only from the diet. Yes I said 2 weeks, it's a very amazing diet just hard to afford.

3) Aladdin's Eatery

I love this place, we eat here on a weekly basis and I always get their rolled pitas, they're affordable, fresh, and healthy. Did I mention they taste good? They are full of fresh veggies and meats, but if you're a vegetarian they have lots of options for you too! I highly recommend the Arayiss Rolled, the Spicy Kafta Rolled, the Falafel Rolled, the Lamb Rolled... basically I recommend all of their rolled pitas, they're low calorie, full of flavor and almost all of them are under 7 dollars (some as cheap as 5 bucks) and they're BIG.

4) Vitatops are amazing

I have only tried two of their flavors so far, the Deep Chocolate and the Cran Bran, but as far as a low cal, tasty, filling snack goes, these are amongst the best I've tried, plus you can order a variety pack to sample all the flavors! (I plan to do this soon)

Well this is pretty much my "diet" as far as eating out/snacking goes, I do occasionally sneak in a piece of dark chocolate or two, or some Chocolate Shakeology (which I shouldn't eat because I'm allergic to dairy and it causes a reaction but it's so tasty sometimes I can't help myself!)

Hope this helps you on your weight loss journeys!

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