Thursday, December 16, 2010


Day one, I could not touch my toes, I could touch my knees and that was a stretch for me.

Week 1 over, I could touch my shins but anything more than that and I was ~dying~, it hurt so bad.

Week 2 over, and I could FINALLY touch my toes again! I haven't done this in years!

Week 3 is over today, and tonight was the 40 minute stretch class. Not only can I reach the floor but I can reach in between my legs and am working on being able to get my upper body completely in between my own legs.

I've improved so much in my flexibility in other ways as well, I can hold plank position for several minutes where as Day one I could barely hold it for more than a few seconds. There are other things too, I just can't think of them now as it's late. More on flexibility later. :)

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