Tuesday, December 21, 2010


So I have been working out everyday, eating a pretty balanced diet, but I think I need to cut my carbs. I've hit a plateau in my weight loss, the numbers on the scale just aren't moving, even though I'm still losing inches.

I rarely eat dairy, (I have been eating some lately, despite my dairy allergy and I think it may be effecting my weight loss) I eat fruits and veggies daily, but I eat waaaay more bread/noodles etc... than I should be. Even with only eating 1900 calories a day, my scale hasn't budged. Maybe I should drop it down to 1800 a day.

I'm seeing muscle definition starting to emerge from beneath my fat, it's so strange to look down right now, my tummy is still there but it's way smaller and I can actually see my legs again! My legs are vanishing rapidly, and the muscles in them are reappearing, and I have knee caps again! Amazing! My calves are regaining definition and my legs are looking more and more like legs and less like cankles.

My chest fat is reducing, causing my collar bone to reemerge, my breast bone is becoming visible and the smallest roll on my stomach just below my chest is vanishing. This is resulting in a very strangely shaped me since underneath that roll of fat are two much larger rolls, that are smaller than when I started but still... there. :/

My fat areas are becoming deflated, but the skin was stretched so big it is making certain areas seem to stay the same even though my measurements have shrunken. I have heard stories that if you eat a clean diet, with no processed foods, in addition to exercise that you can rid yourself of saggy skin and I'm hoping to do that for myself soon. I do NOT want to have skin removed with surgery, that sounds like an awful and painful idea. Unfortunately right now, that diet would be very hard to maintain due to cost. It's not cheap to buy high quality meat and veggies/fruits. I might have to suck it up and do it anyways, even if it is only for just one month.

I lost 20 pounds in one month of doing the Caveman/Paleo diet without exercise, I'm thinking that if I was exercising with the diet that I would drop a lot more than that.
I hope to be able to do this soon, as I'm tired of this plateau.

That's all for my update. Long and hopefully not boring, new pics in 3 days!

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  1. I'm thinking that maybe one reason for the plateau might have to do with the weight of muscle you're putting on being equivalent to that of the fat you're losing? You're still losing fat thus losing inches but muscle is so much heavier then fat the numbers aren't changing. Just a thought though!

    Regardless you're doing great so keep it up!