Friday, June 22, 2012

41 days Raw

I'm 41 days into this raw food diet, I've dropped from 218 to 200,  my energy levels are up through the roof, I sleep better, and the results are kinda ridiculous, my skin is even shrinking where as before with just exercise my skin was just getting saggy.  I'm enjoying the thought that my skin might actually shrink up all the way if I continue to eat clean like this and workout. 

I haven't been able to workout lately because when I do workout while eating like this I become ravenous and can't control my eating and fruits and veggies are expensive and I'm supposed to avoid eating too many bananas right now because they're hard on my kidneys.  So I can't wait til my kidneys are doing a little better so I can start eating bananas and hitting my workouts hardcore again.  Trying to take lots of walks and just doing my best to stay active without killing my budget.

P.S. the photos on top are my beginning photos from a year and a half ago, the day I started Turbo Fire, not the day I started this raw diet.

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  1. Kat, I just wanted to say, great job on taking care of yourself. You are working hard and it shows. It is no easy thing to get in shape and stay committed. Praying your kidneys get working right so you can hit your workouts hard. Take care, Terri