Monday, October 15, 2012

2 years later

First set of photos at the top was around November 2010, I was 255, 7 pounds down from my heaviest weight of 262.  I was a size 20/22 jeans

Second set of photos was from 6 months ago, around March/April? 2012 I was down around 50/55 pounds from the first photo set.  I did all of this weight loss on my own with the help of Turbo Fire.  Yes it took me longer than 90 days because 1) I didn't change my eating habits at first, and 2) see answer 1

Third set of photos is from October 15th 2012, down a total of 83 pounds, 179 from 262.  Size 12 jeans.
This additional weight loss was a combination of Turbo Fire, workouts with friends and working out with a personal trainer.

It's been a loooong 2 years, but I'm getting there.  Just take things one day at a time, one battle with food and one battle with workouts at a time.  Don't stress out when you slip up.  It's ONE meal, it's ONE day out of a month of good days you had.  Was it a bad week?  Still have 3 weeks in that same month to do it right.  It's never too late to start working towards your goals.  Slow and steady wins the race.


  1. you look great, good job. Just keep pushing play, i know i will.

  2. you look great, good job, keep pushig play, i know i will.

  3. congrats!!! this is very inspiring... turbo fire is on point... eating right is day at a time... like you said!!! thanks for sharing!!!