Monday, April 16, 2012

3 days without Shakeology

It's official I'm hooked on the Strawberry flavor. I am down to my last two packets of Shakeology! One is for a friend of mine who wants to try it before she buys it, and I've been saving the last one for myself til the bag I ordered last night gets here.

I've been 3 days without it and OH BOY, do I ever feel it. I've been super sluggish, not nearly as peppy, just feel kinda meh. Though I will say my cravings are still way down! I did have some marshmallows, but instead of eating the whole bag in one night like I used to do, I ate it slowly over 3 days, still bad, but a major improvement for me!

I can't wait for my bag to get here, I may use half my packet I have left today and the other half tomorrow just to keep from feeling so blah til it gets here.

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