Thursday, March 29, 2012

Tropical Strawberry Shakeology Review

Tropical Strawberry Shakeology Review

First let's take a look at the ingredients list! I have been told that this is not ALL of the ingredients, they don't have all the vitamins listed on this one. But they're in there! That's a lot of ingredients!

Second let's take a look at my 1 week results from doing Turbo Fire + Drinking Shakeology and eating healthy.

For those of you who follow my weight loss actively, yes, I had put on some weight, I lost a friend to a car wreck and ate my emotions, hence the back sliding.

Since I started shakeology I have lost 8 Pounds! That was with just one week of shakeology + 3 days of Turbo fire workouts + for the first time EVER being able to eat healthy AND workout at the same time. Something I had never been able to do before starting Shakeology!!! I will be posting new pics every week, + upping my workouts to 6 days a week again! :)

Now then I've never been able to drink Shakeology due to a dairy allergy so when the Vegan - Dairy Free and Gluten Free, Strawberry flavor came out I had to see what all the hype was about!

I’ve been drinking Vegan Tropical Strawberry Shakeology for a week now. Here are some of the things I’ve noticed.

Taste wise: A little chalky texture if you just add water and don't mix it in the blender long enough, but it has a great, strong strawberry flavor. I have found that adding something like vanilla coconut milk and ice (the kind from the almond milk section, not the stuff in a can) makes it smoother and more like a milkshake texture :)

* Increased energy

I am able to get SO much more done during the day now, it used to be I would only be able to do a workout and maybe sew a few toys, now I can do my workout, sew toys, paint paintings, keep the house clean and still have energy left for lots more! I’m loving this!

* Decreased cravings for sweets!

* Able to eat smaller meals and still feel satisfied!

(Did not expect this at all, I had 1400 calories today and I feel SO full.)

* Able to do more when I workout.

Before I always felt sluggish and sore all the time, before my workouts, during my workouts, after my workouts… now I just feel sore AFTER. And when I workout I actually FEEL like doing them!

* Able to workout and eat healthy for the first time ever!

I’ve NEVER once been able to eat right and exercise at the same time, I would always get sooo hungry after working out and just eat and eat and eat and then stay the same weight. For the first time ever I am eating healthy foods while I workout because Shakeology satisfies my sweet tooth! I drink mine mid-day before I workout and it keeps the sweet cravings away + gives me the energy I need to workout without that heavy feeling a meal gives me.

* I’m saving $170 a month on my grocery bill! Don’t believe me? Let’s break this down.

On a weekly basis I was buying 1 bag of cookies $3, 3-5 Bolthouse Fruit Smoothies $4 a pop, Raisins $3, Candy bars at the checkout lane, maybe 2 a week $2, Coconut Milk “Ice Cream” $5 That was $30 a week on snacks! (Yes I know I ate a lot of snack foods, but like I said I was so hungry from working out I just ravished all food in sight)

So that’s $120 a month and doesn’t include me going out with friends and grabbing a bite to eat at a pretzel place or something similar at the mall.

(By the way that was $120 dollars on snacks JUST FOR ME, I’m not including any of the snacks I was buying for my husband)

PLUS I was going out to eat every day, usually at Subway, or Panda Express or Noodles and Company, I was spending around $5-$10 dollars on a fast food lunch, which isn't very good for me anyways. So that's an additional $35+ dollars a week I was spending on lunch. That's $140 dollars a month! So between the snacks and the fast food meals I was spending around $260 dollars a month on food I really didn't need that was making me stay fat and unhealthy. Subtract the $90 I spend on Shakeology and I'm saving $170 a month!

I know Shakeology seems expensive if you’re just tacking it on top of your grocery bill, I thought that too, I seriously never thought I’d be saving money.

*Yes I know that not everyone spends that much money on their snacks/food a month, it’s just MY personal experience with Shakeology. ;)

Are you ready to try Tropical Strawberry Shakeology? Click the link below to get some for yourself! :D


  1. Thanks for sharing this! I'm SO SO SO happy you are now able to eat well WHILE you exercise! It's a gift for sure!!! :)

    Watch out--that combination will make big changes in your body!

  2. It already is making a HUGE difference Amy! I'm sooo excited! I've been averaging about 1400-1600 calories a day, something I was NEVER able to do before I started drinking Shakeology, without feeling sluggish and weak and starving! I wake up a tad hungry but I never go to sleep hungry. I always feel full and happy and I'm loving it. I think it's time to switch over to home direct ;)